• Terraform Compliance Testing

    “Compliance testing” also known as Conformance testing is a nonfunctional testing technique which is done to validate, whether the system developed meets the organization’s prescribed standards or not. Most software teams do an analysis to check that the standards are properly enforced and implemented. Often working simultaneously to improve the standards, which will, in turn, lead to better quality.

  • Run Nvidia-enabled Linux desktops in Azure

    Engineering simulation software uses powerful display graphics and the GPU for a quick rendering of the display. Since virtual linux servers with non display attached secondary graphics as Nvidia Tesla does not use GPU direkt rendering by default Xserver configurations. This issue can be easily corrected by modifying configurations on the host computer to allow the use of GPU rendering during a Remote Desktop session.

  • Testing Bash with BATS - Part 3

    The idea of programmers testing as they go made a come-back starting in the mid 1990s, although up to the present time the vast majority of programmers still don’t do it. Infrastructure engineers and system administrators test their scripts even less diligently than programmers test their application code.

  • Bash Debugging - Part 2

    Sometimes you want to be able to debug a bash script. Follow the following general paragraphs helps to structure and improve readablility. Bash is not very easy to debug. There’s no built-in debugger like you have with other programming languages. By default, undefined variables are interpreted as empty strings, which can cause problems further down the line. A few tips that may help:

  • Bash Best Practice - Part 1

    Since Bash has several known weaknesses I don’t enjoy writing such code that much. It’s often used when all you want is automate a mundane task. “I’ll just copy/paste the commands I usually run, add a few IFs and FORs and that will be enough”. Well, that’s how many shell scripts come to existence I guess, but nonetheless writing such scripts is not as easy as it sounds, and there are many pitfalls to avoid.

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